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Michael Berenbaum brings unparalleled expertise to his work on museum design, historical films and  developing innovative new approaches to presenting the Jewish experience and understanding the nature of  persecution and genocide. In creating unique experiences and new ways to engage different audiences, he is  joined by principal collaborator, Edward Jacobs. Finding ways to deliver an exhilarating presentation that  conveys the essence of the subject matter is at the heart of Jacobs’ work and serves to enhance the depth of  Prof. Berenbaum’s narratives.


He is the author and editor of eighteen books, including After Tragedy and Triumph, a study of the state of American Jewry in the early 1990s, as well as The World Must Know, Anatomy of the Auschwitz Death Camp, and others. After The Passion is Gone: American Religious Consequences (co-edited with Shawn Landres, 2004) examines the social impact of the film The Passion of Christ on religious groups; editors Berenbaum and J. Shawn Landres took a public role in shaping the interreligious response to the film


Berenbaum is the Executive Editor of the New Encyclopedia Judaica, 2nd ed., that includes 22 volumes, six million words, and 25,000 individual contributions to Jewish knowledge, published in December 2006 (ISBN 0028659287); it won the Dartmouth Medal of the American Library Association for the outstanding reference work of 2006.


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Allegiance to a Jewish Democratic State


Dennis Prager’s False Debate


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• Listen, Learn, Then Challenge

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