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Current Projects

  • First Place Award for the Interior Design Elements of the Holocaust Memorial Center for the Jews of Macedonia. More here.

  • Historical Consultant and Interviewee, Empty Boxcars A Film by Ed Gaffney

  • Conceptual Development: Illinois Holocaust Museum and Educational Center

  • The Zev and Shifra Karkomi Permanent Exhibition

  • The Future Museum

  • Memoria y Tolerancia

  • Kleinman Family Holocaust Education Center

  • The Museum of Macedonia Jewrish History

  • Macedonian Jews Erect World-class Holocaust Museum

  • Documentary proposal Treblinka: A Documentary for WLRN Miami

  • Executive Producer Swimming in Auschwitz (2006). Broadcast Nationally by PBS April 2009.

  • Consultant, Defiance (Paramount 2008).

  • Consultant, Interviewee, Blessed Be the Match: The Hanah Szenes Story (2008).

  • Consultant, Interviewee, "Scrapbook from Hell: The Auschwitz Album" (National Geographic 2009)

  • Historical Consultant, "Miss Irena’s Children," Hallmark Hall of Fame (2009).

  • Historical Consultant and Interviewee, Masters of Death National Geographic, 2009).

  • Historical Consultant and interviewee, Teenage Witness: The Fanya Gottesfeld Heller Story Broadcast on PBS 2010.

  • Senior Consultant, Memoria y Tolerancia, Mexico City

  • Senior Consultant, Holocaust Education and Documentation Center, Hollywood, Florida

  • Consultant and Interviewee, About Face, a film about young Jewish refugees from Germany who returned to Germany as American soldiers in World War II.

  • Senior Consultant and Project Director, Illinois Museum of the Holocaust, Skokie Illinois.

  • Senior Consultant on the Museum at the Belzec Death Camp, in Poland.

  • Consultant, National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


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